Happy New Year

Posted: January 1, 2014 in Life-thingies
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Hi guys,

On this eve of all things new and old, I think it is time I maybe gave an insight into my sudden lack of stories. 

I quit my job at the bar. There was nothing dramatic about it, but I had gotten to a point where I didn’t feel like going to work mainly because work had no way of keeping me entertained. You might think a job like mine, where you have to break up fights, deal with overdoses, where armed men charge in and people throw drugs in your face, where you get to experience the joys and utter despairs of life, of real human life, could never become trivial. Well I’m here to tell you it can. Short of someone being shot, I think I have experienced everything there is to experience in my line of work. 

To put it simply: I’d gotten bored.

I tend to do that, get bored that is. I have Asperger’s and one of the many traits of that syndrome that really sticks to me, is the “intense interest in a very specific area for a short or long time”. I usually am aware it happens and I try to take care not to go all out on a new interest immediately. For instance, right now I really wanna get into playing Magic: The Gathering, but I’m trying to cool my spirits so I don’t spend a fortune and get bored of it in a month.

So I’d gotten bored of the gig. I needed something else to do. I thought about it: I really like the bar/event business. I’d like to work in that business, just not in my particular bar, maybe as a manager at another bar or maybe in an event business. How can I get another job in this business?  (Secretly, what I’d really like to do, is help bars get up and running or get back on their feet. Sort of like Gordon Ramsay in Kitchen Nightmares, but without the cameras or drama. I’d just love helping people out, teaching them what to do and why, aiding them in understanding why something goes wrong and how they can better connect with their guests and meet their demands. But I have no idea how to go about getting a gig like that.) 

Well with the economy being worse off than a shipwrecked sailor on an island infested with cannibals, it’d be hard to get another job. Especially since I don’t have a nice piece of paper that says “Graduate of bar-managing and event-hosting school”. So I thought maybe I should get a piece of paper like that.

School is tricky. I can honestly say I have never really studied in my life. I went through 7 years of ground- and middle-school, most of it I spent alone or being bullied. My 3 years of high-school were spent playing music and getting drunk on the weekends, celebrating the fact that I finally had friends. I did three years of history at university before I got bored with that. 

Through all these 13 years of schooling I never studied, I didn’t revise for exams, I didn’t do homework unless it meant I wouldn’t be able to take the exam, and my grades were always great. (Yes I’m that asshole)

When I thought about going back to school, I thought about all these things. I knew I would have no trouble with the material, but I was afraid I would have trouble with keeping myself interested in the courses and not blowing it off.

I decided I would go for it, it could be no worse than this never-ending dullness that surrounded me at work. I enrolled, I started, everything was great. Until I realized that these classes were basically for people who had never worked more than 6 months in the business. 

I. Was. So. Bored!

I quit going to class. I still did the things I had to do to pass the courses, but only the bare minimum. And now I am stuck halfway. Come summer I will be done, but I am so bored I have taken to memorizing the periodic table in class (I’m at Fermium, #100).

I do still have a ton of stories I want to write, but my motivation is gone. I hope, once I start, finish, and turn in this 20 page paper that’s due on the 6th, I’ll feel like writing again. 

Lack of motivation and a looming fear of “will I be able to get a job come summer” is what keeps me from writing and I am genuinely sorry. I’m sorry because so many nice strangers from all over the world, have taken the time to read and sometimes even comment on my silly little Tales and I feel like I have wasted their time. Your time.

So as I sit here and sip my Cava, I really wish that in the months to come, I will get back to the writing and the story-telling that I so love.

And with that, I wish you all a very happy, joyful and all in all pleasant new year.


  1. Paul says:

    As an Australian on the other side of the globe that has been reading your stories for a quite some time may i say on behalf of all your adoring fans that while we will sorely miss your stories in the times to come, we always return here because you’re someone we like… someone wed want to share a drink with sometime and because of that you need not worry about ‘wasting our time’, we want you to be happy in the same way that you brought happiness to us so do what you gotta do and if you feel like returning to us with a quirky anecdote, well be here and ready to laugh out loud or quietly smirk at yet another of your tales.

    Best of luck with the schooling and the job hunt, we’re all rooting for you. Oh, and Happy new year to you too Neotemy. :)


    • Neomety says:

      And they say only scary, dangerous things come out of Australia :)

      Thank you so much, you have no idea how great that made me feel! Now I’m all pumped up to write that stupid paper. “Preserving cultural growth while keeping a sound economic basis in a historical event” Imma kick yo ass!


  2. Kilroy says:

    Look up the American show Bar Rescue, I want to say it’s on the SpikeTV channel. It’s basically a consultant who goes to bars that are on the verge of going out of business, then tries to remodel them and turn them around in a week.


    • Neomety says:

      Okay a week seems HIGHLY unlikely, but it is what I want to do. Only I don’t think it would be fit for TV since y’know, I’m a reasonable person and I don’t yell at people for no good reason or care about drama at all.


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