Casual 3 AM update.

Posted: January 6, 2014 in Life-thingies
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Hi guys,

It is 3:09 AM here in Scandinavia and I just proofread and formatted my behemoth of an exam paper. I finished it and it is pretty crappy, but luckily I get to defend it in an oral exam and if there is one thing I rock at, it’s oral exams. Talking for 30 minutes nonstop about a specific topic I know a shit-ton about? Son you just activated my trap card!

I just thought, that before I crash face first on to my bed I’d take the time to thank you all. Thank you for commenting and sending me emails to cheer me on, you guys are the best!

I apologize for my sadface post and I promise to get back to my cheerful old self. Hell with this exam out of the way, I am pretty much there already. (It also helps that my mum called to say she’d bought me a brand new saute pan yesterday!)

What other news do I have? 

Oh yes, I have managed to get a part-time job while I finish my studies. I am going to be a tour-guide extraordinaire. It was actually pretty cool, I got an email from one of my teachers who was like “It’s to bad I don’t see you in class to often, you are one of the best students. Anyway I’m heading this new project with guided tours around town, want a job?” Obviously I insta-yessed.

Also I will try to post more of these “life-thingies”. I know what you really want are the delicious rants and bordering-on-homophobic-I-certainly-only-get-away-with-this-because-I-am-gay-myself stereotyping of the Tales from the Gay Bar, but this is my way of getting back in the habit of writing here. (that bordering-on- and so on was a bitch to type out!) 

This post is probably pretty messy and slightly unhinged, but I blame 3 days of staring at this screen, too much soda and too little sleep.

Lastly I just want to give a shout-out to Paul who commented on my last post. He is probably the best thing to ever come out of ‘Straya. And to Kathy who saw my pouty post and straight up sent me a cake recipe to cheer me up. (It was friggin’ tasty btw)

It’s 3:30 now, time to go beddy-bye-bye!

  1. Good luck on the oral exam (I really wanted to make a sexy joke but my brains broke)


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