Where the hell have I been?

Posted: April 17, 2014 in Life-thingies

Where the hell have I been?

So Neo, what’s been going on?
When are you gonna write more stories?
Don’t you love us anymore?
Are you… Are you breaking up with us?

These are all valid questions I just made up in my head. But I feel like those are the things you guys think when you check in to see if anything’s happening here.

I still love you guys and I want to write and post and do stuff.

So to answer your imaginary questions, this is what I do, I work at this desk (and the one at home) I answer emails and make phone calls, I create stuff from nothing and most of all, I work. Workworkwork.

I know, dull as fuck, but the money’s gotta come from somewhere (and actually it’s not dull at all, It’s exiting work and I get to give prizes and brainstorm and stuff!)

I miss writing and I have a ton of stories to tell, but somehow I’m just not inspired, maybe I just need a 12 hour nap and a few cans of redbull…

  1. stefan aka bathead40 says:

    Hiya Neo! Thanks for the link to your site. Many hugs back.


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