Return of the Neo

Posted: June 1, 2014 in Life-thingies
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I wanted to wait until everything was in order before I posted about this, but it all seems to be falling into place and so I thought what better way to kick off this month long challenge, than to tell you some good news.

I am going back to The Gay Bar!

Not as a manager like I was before, but I will be working a lot on the parties. Seems they managed to fuck everything up since I left so there’s plenty to do and lots’a money to be made. I love it!

I am almost done with my education. Just one final exam to pass and I am graduating. I’m considering working several part-time jobs to get a peek into some different kinds of companies, but for now I have my part-time job and The Gay Bar to deal with.

I gotta say, I thought working at The Gay Bar was my past, but all the new exiting stuff I get to plan and develop sounds very cool and the whoops, hollers and applause I got from my old employees when I announced “Neo’s back y’all” were just the greatest thing I could imagine.

So as John says whenever I show up to fix something: “Have no fear, Neo’s here!”


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