Posted: June 24, 2014 in Life-thingies
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In the last couple of days I have received two complaints. One I totally agree with and one I don’t.

The first was an “But, but, but. You promised!” And I did. I promised I would do my best to post something everyday of June. I failed. (What I didn’t fail was my final exam, and I have now finished my education. On Wednesday I get a diploma at a ceremony and everything). So yes, I failed. Oh well, life’s so filled with opportunity, can’t run after all of it.

The second was, and I quote because it’s that good: “Dude, I really like your blog and all, but you really use a lot of profanity. You should really think about what kinda message you wanna be sending and quit using bad words.”

I do, I use a lot of profanity. Why? Because profanity is expressive. Very expressive. And I like words that pack a punch. Hell, I just like words in general, even the word moist which is kinda gross. I like the word brewery even if I can’t say it when I’m drunk. I like offensive words and long words, nonsensical words and specific words. And fuck yes I like profanity!

So to you I say: I fucking love that you took the time to write me an email. I won’t change a goddamned thing, but thanks anyway.

If anyone else should have anything to complain about, tell it to my email!


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