Mornin’, Swedish person.

Posted: July 18, 2014 in Life-thingies
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Greetings from the summer-heat. (Hah, suck it Aussies!)

As you might know, I am Danish (not a danish, just Danish) and being of the superior Scandinavian heritage grants me the awe-inspiring power to understand several languages beyond my native tongue.

What I’m saying is; since I speak Danish, I also mostly understand Norwegian and Swedish. Growing up very close to Sweden taught me to become pretty proficient in what I would call Scandinavian. A mix of all three languages in an attempt to make myself understood. This comes in handy since one of my jobs is in tourism and Swedes (for some reason) love taking their summer holiday in Denmark.

This morning, I was awoken by the jangling sound of my phone ringing (actually it doesn’t really jangle as much as it plays the Dr. Who theme). Bleary-eyed and hoarse-voiced I answered with my, perhaps more guttural than usual, ” ‘s Neo”. A voice replied in what was more a question than a statement “Hallo?”.

I quickly recovered “Hi, what can I do for ya” (in Danish). The voice, now more sure of itself replied “Jag ville veta om det var så att vi kunde komma ut på en guidad tur idag?”

Aaaaand my brain was nowhere near awake enough to understand anything she said. So I did the only thing I could think of, I asked her to repeat, in english. Slightly embarrassed I booked their tour and hung up.

10 minutes later she called back, she hadn’t received the booking email I’d sent yet. This time I was awake enough to rock some Scandinavian and I think I only confused her further going from Danish, to English, to Scandinavian, but we managed.

Language is fun :)

  1. Paul says:

    Ouch Neo, you hurt me, just because it’s freezing and raining here in Melbourne… if only it was insanely hot, perfect drinking temperature every other conceivable time of the year! Although I have to be honest, the whole ‘multiple languages’ thing is a fair point but you Scandinavian’s ain’t got shit on our kangaroos. The important thing is we all love Dr. Who. Anyway it’s one in the morning in my part of the superior hemisphere so Good mornin’ Danish person, and good night.


  2. Neomety says:

    Hah, that line was meant just for you. I could honestly use a little rain about now. The river is getting pretty shallow in some parts and a nice thunderstorm might clear the air a bit.

    Until I saw a kangaroo in the zoo when I was about 10 I thought they were made up. I thought “nothing could look that ridiculous”, but apparently something can. Absolutely ridiculous!


  3. Paul says:

    Wow a joke dedication, I’m honored. Be right back, calling my parents, telling them I finally made it. You think Kangaroos are a weird Australian animal? Most healthy koala’s have chlamydia which acts as a way to stop them overpopulating and eating all the food, Cassowary’s are like giant blue ostriches that will murder your face in, numbats, cuscus’ and evidently you’ve never seen a GOD DAM PLATYPUS. It’s just a beaver with a duck’s bill sewed on yet I swear to all things good and holy do they exist and they will poison your ass as soon as look at you. Kangaroo’s in comparison are just another mammal, like a dog or a wombat. I live in a strange, strange country because those were only the animals counted as cute. Ok, Australian animal rant over. For now


  4. Neomety says:

    I was 10 years old! I’d never heard of Cassowarys or platypus. Koalas just look fluffy, but srsly kangaroos are weird as fuck!


  5. Paul says:

    That is what we tend to hear. Any time anyone comes from over seas it’s always the kangaroos that enthrall them. Maybe I’m just too familiar with them, they’re our national mascot. They’re thrown on every damn logo, i grew up with the image of Kangaroos everywhere so to me they’re normal.


  6. Paul says:

    Neomety…. are you ever coming back?


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